Explanation of Little Black Dress Skit:

The March 8, 1976 edition of The Army Times contained an article

about this skit’s already long history and tradition. In part it said, “in the 

1950’s a young lieutenant’s wife, Alice H. Rice, was asked to write a

narration for an Army Wives’ Club fashion show. She created the little skit,

The Basic Black Dress. She also created a military tradition...The Basic

Black Dress has been performed at Army Posts all over the world. Army

Wives have passed it on from club to club, for fort to fort, as if it were an

ancient legend or favored recipe...On the surface, the skit is a slapstick

spoof of Wives’ Clubs fashion shows. The action, performed by models

“who like to clown” pokes broad fun at fashion’s “basic black dress” and the

never-ending uses a service wife must put it to! The skit lets service wives

laugh at themselves. But also, it lets them take pride in the

accomplishments of their lives. Women watching it have said they feel the

warm tug of recognition as the narration’s playful verse honors the

struggles and rewards of military life. Some 60 years later, this work has

not lost its appeal. It was updated numerous times by various Wives’ clubs

to incorporate the many changes that have occurred in the military lifestyle.


If you would like to be a model in the Basic Black Dress Skit please email Carrie at abs2vp@gmail.com NLT March 6.


Deadline to RSVP is Thursday, March 12th


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Fayetteville Urban Ministries 

Personal hygiene items - (large and travel size) Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body soap, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products



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